Positec Pest Control and Wildlife specializes in safely and effectively removing various pests, including hornets, from residential and commercial properties. This case study focuses on a specific instance where Positec was called upon to remove a hornet’s nest from a school playground.


A Mississauga elementary school discovered a large hornet’s nest situated in a tree near the school’s playground. Concerned about the safety of the students and staff, the school administration promptly contacted Positec Pest Control and Wildlife for professional assistance in dealing with the hornet’s nest.

Initial Assessment and Planning

Upon receiving the call, Positec’s team of experienced pest control specialists promptly visited the school to assess the situation. They conducted a detailed inspection of the hornet’s nest, considering factors such as nest size, location, and proximity to the playground.

Based on their assessment, the team developed a comprehensive plan to safely remove the hornet’s nest without causing harm to the surrounding environment or the individuals present in the area.

Safety Precautions and Communication

Positec understood the importance of prioritizing safety during the hornet’s nest removal process, especially when dealing with an environment like a school playground. The team communicated with the school administration, teachers, and staff to ensure everyone was aware of the situation and the planned course of action.

Additionally, appropriate safety measures were implemented, including cordoning off the affected area, providing safety gear to the pest control specialists, and coordinating the removal procedure during school hours to minimize any potential risk to the students.

Hornet’s Nest Removal

Positec’s team executed the removal plan with precision and care. They utilized specialized equipment and protective gear to safely access the hornet’s nest and remove it from the tree. The removal process was conducted in a manner that minimized disruption to the school’s daily activities and prioritized the safety of all individuals involved.

The team ensured that the hornet’s nest was completely removed, avoiding any remnants or potential hazards that could attract hornets back to the area. Positec took steps to prevent future nest-building activities by applying appropriate repellents and recommending strategies to deter hornets from returning to the playground.

Follow-Up and Prevention

Following the successful removal of the hornet’s nest, Positec conducted a thorough inspection of the playground area to ensure that no other potential hornet nesting sites were present. The team provided the school administration with recommendations on preventive measures, such as trimming nearby vegetation and conducting regular inspections to identify and address any signs of hornet activity promptly.

Positec Pest Control and Wildlife also offered educational materials and resources to help the school community understand hornet behaviour, the importance of reporting any potential nests, and ways to minimize future hornet-related incidents.

Outcome and Customer Satisfaction

Positec’s intervention resulted in the safe removal of the hornet’s nest from the school playground, ensuring the safety and well-being of the students and staff. The school administration expressed satisfaction with Positec’s professionalism, adherence to safety protocols, and efficient resolution of the pest issue.

By promptly addressing the hornet’s nest and providing preventive recommendations, Positec Pest Control and Wildlife helped create a safer environment for the school community and mitigate potential risks associated with hornet stings.

Positec Pest Control and Wildlife demonstrated its expertise in safely removing a hornet’s nest from a school playground, prioritizing the safety of the students and staff. By conducting a thorough assessment, implementing appropriate safety precautions, and providing preventive recommendations, Positec ensured the successful resolution of the pest issue and the creation of a secure environment for the school community.

This case study highlights Positec’s commitment to delivering effective pest control solutions while maintaining a customer-centric approach, safeguarding the well-being of individuals in various settings, including educational institutions.


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