Get rid of termites with Positec

Positec’s termite extermination service offers professional inspection, treatment, and prevention measures to eliminate termite infestations and protect properties from future termite damage.

Mosquitoes removal

Our mosquito extermination service offers reliable and secure solutions for mosquito infestations in your outdoor locations.

Our team of specialists uses the most up-to-date equipment and methods to get rid of mosquitoes and their breeding grounds.

This lowers the mosquito population and gives you back control over outdoor space.

Thanks to our mosquito elimination service, you may engage in outdoor activities without being bothered by insects and their potential health hazards.


Our ant removal and extermination service uses eco-friendly techniques to eradicate ant colonies and stop further infestations in your house or business.

cockroach extermination

Our cockroach extermination and removal service uses cutting-edge equipment and methods to eliminate cockroach infestations in your home or business, giving you peace of mind.

bed bug extermination


Our bed bug removal and extermination service employs the latest technology and methods to thoroughly eradicate bed bug infestations in your home or hotel room, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment.

wasp and hornet extermination

We provide complete and efficient solutions for wasp infestations in your home or business with our wasp removal and extermination service.

Our team of professionals uses cutting-edge methods and technology to effectively remove wasp nests and stop further wasp activity, providing a wasp-free environment and peace of mind.

Spider removal

For spider infestations in your home or place of business, our spider removal service offers a secure and effective solution.

In order to carefully and successfully remove spider webs and nests, our team of specialists uses the most up-to-date methods and technology.

This helps to reduce the spider population and provides a spider-free atmosphere for you to enjoy.

get rid of fleas

For flea infestations in your home or place of business, our flea removal service provides all-inclusive solutions.

Our team of professionals uses efficient and secure procedures to eliminate fleas from carpets, furniture, and pet bedding, among other things.

You may take advantage of a pest-free atmosphere and the peace of mind that comes with it by using our flea removal service.


beetle extermination


Our knowledgeable technicians are qualified to recognize the species of beetles and choose the most effective method for getting rid of them.


Beetles are promptly and effectively eliminated by us using the most up-to-date tools and methods, including non-toxic ones that keep people and pets safe in your home or place of work.


For homes and businesses, we provide dependable fly control services.

All varieties of flies, including house flies, fruit flies, and cluster flies, are rapidly and effectively eliminated by our skilled professionals using cutting-edge methods and tools.

moth extermination

Our skilled professionals are qualified to recognize moth species and choose the best method to get rid of them.

We realize that dealing with moths might be annoying and interfere with everyday activities.

We, therefore, take swift action to reduce any inconvenience you may have.

Our team is dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere free of moths for you, your family, or your clients.

rodent extermination Toronto

We are dedicated to providing our clients with safe and efficient rodent control options for their residences and places of business.

Baits, traps, and exclusion methods are just a few of the treatments we utilize in our rodent eradication services.

earwig removal

The earwig elimination service from Positec provides secure and efficient ways to get rid of earwigs on your property.

To effectively and swiftly eliminate earwigs, we employ safe treatments, including pesticides and baits.

weevils extermination
Our weevil extermination services include the use of safe and effective treatments, such as insecticides and fumigation.


We offer professional and effective solutions for getting rid of centipedes in your home or business.


Our methods are safe and effective, and we always take care to minimize any disruption to your daily routine.


Our sowbug extermination services include the use of safe and effective treatments, such as insecticides and baits.

We also offer preventative measures to help prevent future sowbug infestations, such as reducing moisture levels and removing hiding places.

landscape pest control

Over the past years, we have seen an increase in outdoor pests such as Boxelder bugs, European firebugs, Aphids, Gypsy moths, and more.

These pests are a nuisance as they invade trees and invade buildings’ sides.