Positec Pest Control and Wildlife, a professional wildlife removal company, received a call from a homeowner in a suburban area regarding a family of skunks that had taken up residence in their backyard. The homeowner was concerned about the safety of their family and pets, as skunks are known to spray when they feel threatened.

Positec’s Approach:

Upon receiving the call, Positec’s team immediately dispatched a technician to the homeowner’s location. The technician arrived equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to safely and humanely relocate the skunks. The technician conducted a thorough inspection of the property to identify the location of the skunk den and assess the situation.

To ensure the safety of both the technician and the skunks, the technician donned personal protective equipment (PPE) that included gloves, a face mask, and a respirator. The technician also set up a live trap in the vicinity of the skunk den. The trap was designed to safely capture the skunks without causing harm.

The technician then baited the trap with a non-toxic substance that is attractive to skunks. The technician checked the trap regularly to ensure that the skunks were not subjected to undue stress or harm. Once the skunks were successfully captured, the technician carefully removed them from the trap and placed them in a secure transport carrier.

The technician then relocated the skunks to a safe, suitable location far away from the homeowner’s property. The technician also ensured that the skunks had access to food, water, and shelter in their new habitat to ensure their survival.


Positec Pest Control and Wildlife’s prompt and professional response ensured that the homeowner and their pets were safe from the skunks. The company’s humane approach to wildlife removal ensured that the skunks were relocated safely and did not suffer any harm during the process.


Positec Pest Control and Wildlife’s approach to safely relocating the family of skunks from the homeowner’s backyard is an excellent example of humane wildlife management. The company’s prompt response, use of appropriate PPE, and humane relocation practices ensured the safety of both the homeowner and the skunks.

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