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Spider bites can be painful or fatal. Some spider bits can cause decay on areas of the skin where the bite occurred. One of the most dangerous domestic Toronto spiders to avoid include orb spiders and black widows. If you are bit by a spider, seek medical attention immediately in order to prevent infection or even death. To protect your family from spider bites, you should get rid of spiders in your home and property by hiring a professional Toronto pest control service.

One way to prevent spiders from entering the home, is to eliminate their food source. Other insects inside the home will attract spiders. Even with preventative measures, you will find that some spiders will still enter the home. Our experts can put down a safe, effective pesticide or synthetic which will eliminate your spider problem in your home or property. One of the most effective treatments is the use of dust, which will kill the spiders as they crawl through it.

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We are a company that believes very strongly in progressive and safe Toronto pest control practices. The days of old where an exterminator came by and sprayed down the premises with a powerful and putrid chemical are past. We advocate the use of INTERGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) in all of our practices.

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