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Toronto Pest Control FAQs

1. What does the name POSITEC mean?

It is a short form for POSITIVE TECHNOLOGY. This is attributed to the fact that our company believes in using safe products and progressive strategies to eliminate & control the pest problem.

2. How safe are your treatments?

You have our assurances that safety is our top priority in every service call. As mentioned previously on our website, we are strong advocates of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

3. Why don’t I just treat the pest problem myself?

Of course you are certainly welcome to. However, keep in mind that you will need to educate yourself first about the pest and where it hides and frequents. The next step is to purchase the appropriate pesticide and apply it properly. What you must understand here is that the chemicals sold over the counter are not very strong or
long lasting. Positec on the other hand, can correctly diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly by using the proper chemicals and methods in a safe and efficient manner.

4. I have a dog / cat or baby / child present. Will your treatment harm them?

No. Our Toronto pest control products are placed in inconspicuous and inaccessible areas around the premises. These products are also odourless and safe.

5. Do I have to empty out my cupboards or leave my premises for a few
hours after you service?

No. Decades ago when chemical sprays were used, that was the norm. However,
the industry has moved towards using safer and odourless products that do not require the people to leave their place after treatment. But in order for us to provide you with the most efficient and thorough servicing possible, we ask that you remove any clutter from around the kitchen and in the cupboards so that we are better able to access and eliminate any hard-to-get-to pest-hiding areas.

6. I sealed up all the cracks in my house! How come I still have mice?

Please keep in mind that there are numerous ways that mice can enter your premises. These include the pipes under your place, vents, drains, and even from your neighbour. Also understand that mice have very soft bones that allow them to squeeze through a crack or hole the same size as the diameter of a pencil. It is virtually impossible to seal every single crack and holes around your entire premises as there are areas in the floor, walls or ceiling that you cannot even access. But Positec can help you to easily eliminate the mice infestation and provide strategies
to make it very difficult for future mice populations to re-infest your place.

7. You just treated our premises, so how come I still see the pests roaming around?

Please understand that it is virtually impossible for any pest control company to completely eliminate the entire pest infestation within a single day of treatment. It takes time for the pests to contact / consume the pesticides and also for their babies to hatch and come in contact with these pesticides. Overall, it takes several weeks to see a complete knockdown of the pest infestation. After our treatment, we will
provide you with tips and strategies to put further strain on the current infestation and to diminish the chances of re-infestation in the future.


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