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One of the most vile pests that can infest your home are cockroaches. These Toronto cockroaches are drawn to places that have easy access to water. They are attracted to food, dark places and warm areas. Some roaches are also attracted to moisture or water. You will find that cockroaches can hide around your kitchen sink or drain board, in cracks under your cabinets, under refrigerators, behind window and door frames, and other dark crevices. In order for effective removal, we can apply safe insecticides to any place in the home where roaches may hide. Our nontoxic and low toxic treatments for cockroach control are highly effective and safe.

You can help prevent cockroach infestation by eliminating food, water sources and clutter throughout your Toronto home. Another preventative practice is to seal off cracks and crevices in the homes where roaches can hide. The experts at Positec Pest Control can assess your pest problems and provide you with the most effective treatment to rid your home of cockroaches and other annoying pests.


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