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September 4, 2012 at 3:17 pm | Category: Pest Control

Each year the spring and summer seasons beckon you out of doors with its warmth, beauty, and the hopeful soundtrack of nature. A part of the natural experience is the persistence of insects, and sometimes the out of doors meets you halfway. Despite your best efforts with cleanliness and countless department store sprays, you still see the specks crawling across your counters, floors, and window seal each year. Or, when you happen to venture out onto your lawn for gardening, play time with your children, barbeques and gatherings with family and friends, you have to dodge ant piles. The use and comfort from your grass and lawn furniture and especially your kitchen, bathrooms and living spaces are all compromised each season, but they can be cleared out and guarded with the right kind of ant control. Ants build their hills all over your yards, steps, and under patio furniture preventing your enjoyment of your own out door space… until they finally find their way indoors. The slightest opening can provide a doorway for lines of ants to come marching in for the simplest spill or tiniest of crumbs. In addition, there is a significant concern for small children as well as men and women of all ages who are allergic: the possibility of a bite. The painful bite that leads to an itching boil on your foot or leg with the potential of an even more severe reaction could ruin the summer for anyone. This is why professional intervention to determine the type of ant and point of entry are paramount to their effective removal. Ant removal specialists are trained and equipped to determine the genus and species of ant nesting in and around your home. He or she will also be aware of the common characteristics in appearance, and damage to your property due to nesting areas. If there is a destructive type of ant in your home, the specialist will uncover how they are gaining entry and what they may be after if anything aside from an alternative home. He or she will either apply a chemical or bait depending upon the type of ants discovered on your property. At that time you will also be able to receive information on how to extend the life of your ant removal application and whether a renewal or upgrade will be available at that time. The products used will provide you with longer lasting ant control than the store brands because they are not diluted. They are intended to offer you expert protection. Most products that repel ants will also help you with other pests as well. Therefore, most insect professionals work to incorporate options for other pitiable creatures from your home and property. One of the most common types of residential pest intruders is the ant, be it the carpenter, pavement, or the Southern red fire ant. Their patterns include consumption of sweets and proteins as well as burrowing/nesting in crevices, foundations, and doors, respectively. This is important to your Toronto ant removal specialist to tell the difference between an ant intrusion and any other insect infestation such as termites, which are similar in size and build. Annual Toronto ant control is recommended especially for older homes, homes near wooded areas, and if you’ve had previous visits from these pests.

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