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Our Vaughan pest control service provides Ontario homeowners with pest removal including ant removal, rat removal, mouse control, bed bug removal, flea removal and much more. Our Vaughan exterminators can assess your situation and provide the best solution to rid you of all your pest problems.

The skilled exterminators at Positec Pest Control are courteous, prompt and efficient when it comes to pest removal.

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Our Vaughan business is built on being completely honest with our customers. We will never overcharge nor try sell you on unnecessary services. Our Vaughan exterminators specialists have a vested interest in going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all our Vaughan clients receive quality pest control services.

Vaughan Bed Bugs

The skilled Vaughan pest control experts at Positec Pest Control will provide the best pest removal solutions that will leave your home free of bed bugs and other pests. Our top priority is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and we always ensure that your Vaughan pest problem is completely resolved. We will take our time to get the job done right, as opposed to large companies who place time limits on each job that they do.

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Vaughan Pest Control

Whether you are contacting your local Vaughan pest control company because you are experiencing an infestation at home or at your place of business, pests are unwanted, unsanitary, and unsafe. Not only can they get into your food, making it unfit to serve or ingest, but also they can make you sick if accidentally ingested. If they bite or sting you, your general health can also be in danger as the result of an allergic reaction. But, once the pest control company has been notified and an appointment has been set, your pest problem will soon be eradicated.

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